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With High-End fork and Öhlins TTX shock

You want the top of the range? Here comes our High-End Trixy!

We equip Trixy with a High-End suspension fork with adjustable rebound and compression of your choice such as the Öhlins RXF 36 Coil fork, the Marzocchi Z1 air or the Rock Shox Domain. This in combination with the Öhlins TTX 22 shock leads to a mogul-ironing ride.

And the best! We offer packages where you actually get a free Skibike! Check out the prices of the suspension parts only and you will wonder.

About Trixy…

Sledgehammer ist the only manufacturer building Skibikes specificly for riding stand up and/ or seated. Our Skibike.geometry and saddle position in combination with the “”Flux” Ski leads to the most versatile Skibike on the market. Due the special Ski technology and the small Radius of only 5.5m you can enjoy really tight turns but although ride stable at high speeds or even drift riding fast stand up. Besides the high grip on packed slopes the “Flux” Ski also floats perfectly in powder snow.

The ideal weight shift between front and rear Ski makes Trixy a very well balanced Skibike. We are convinced that we offer with Trixy the most versatile Skibike without any disadvantage in any kind of her performance.

Trixy offers the best fun and many different ways to ride for beginner and for really advanced riders.

Main characteristics:

  • Three-Second-Ski-demount with our unique Quick Release System

  • Fits in any car

  • Very agile and although stable due to the new geometry

  • Height-adjustable saddel

  • Low weight (12,1 kg)

  • The Manual Lock allows you to surf endless on the rear ski

  • Strong ski retention that holds back the ski when air born and riding lifts

  • A maximum of control of the skis due to a progressive force from the ski retention

  • Super safe riding with our fold-away MX-foot rests. Avoiding injuries and enabling you to lean in very far when carving.

Scope of delivery:

  • 6060 T6 alloy frame available in Medium and Large

  • Ready to ride Skibike (dissembled!)

  • Ski adapters to mount the skis

  • Supension fork according to you choice

  • Öhlins STX 22 air shock or DNM coil shock according to your choice

  • 99cm Flat-Rocker Wood Core Ski

  • Motocross-foot rests forged of 7005 Aluminium

  • Rise-handel bar 75mm

  • Wide and comfortable Selle Royale saddle

  • Short Sledgehmmer stem with 45mm