New Skibike is coming!

To become a Skibiker you should be...

Recommended body height

Starting with 150 cm, because for smaller persons it is hard to brake.

To 195 cm our Skibikes are perfect in their standard set up.

Over 195 cm the Skibike can be adapted with standard bike-components

Required Fitness

You should have a basic sporty body constitution. People with problems with thier joints such as for e.g. with knees, can ride Skibikes. Actually skibiking is an alternative for them due that there is close to none torque load on the legs compared to skiing and snowboarding.Though you can also ride seated we want to point out that skibiking is a sport that involves all of your body. In combination with the Alpine surrounding and altitude it requires a good portion of fitness.


Basically everybody is able to learn to Skibike but it is very important to have a good start. Mental fitness is necessary to hopp on a sports gear with no breaks and rush down a mountain. If you once realized that you can trust the sports gear that it does what you want, you are in and will have fun! But to say it the other way around: if you doubt that you can handle that and expect to be frightened, don´t do it!

This also shows that it is very important where and under which conditions to start. So go to a beginners slope or book a trainer even if you think you are Cam Zink.

You can book trainers at some rental stations. Please click at „Test&Rent“ on the rental stations in the map and you will find trainer contacts there.