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About us

"We build Skibikes with passion"

December 2003- first descent with the Sledgehammer 1 Skibike

Our goal has always been to build the best skibike.

In total, we have over 20 years of experience in designing, testing and farming winter fun sports equipment. With hundreds of days on the slopes and in the workshop we are able to implement innovations quickly and easily.

Through our rental stations, we have direct customer contact for years. Beginners and professionals riders give us feedback on their experiences regularly. So we incorporate this directly into our developments.

The Sledgehammer brand was founded in 2004 by Gregor Schuster and since then we sold thousands of skibikes.

The future of the Skibike sport is very close to our hearts. With much effort and attention into the detail, we continue to improve and optimize our products.

We organize events and provide rental stations to make skbiking more popular and accessible.

And in fact, we go skiing by ourselves in every free minute because we love this sport!


SH Team