New Skibike is coming!

Thats how to ride a Skibike!

You can ride stand up and seated. A good Skibiker can ride on all slopes and also off piste. Unfortunately it is possible to ride a Skibike with the same speed and different terrains like you can do with skis or a snowboard. Even big jumps can be done, no problem!

To come quickly to the „grin moment“ and feel the progress we strongly recommend to start on falt runs. Get slowly in touch with this new sport and learn to know the gear and the way the edges are controlled. There is no need to hurry!

After that you should be ready to enter steep and more crowded slopes !

Our Skibike Tutorials will show you step by step how to quickly and safe learn all maneuvers .

Before you start riding without a trainer you should have watched carefully our videos in any case!

Although you can make your first runs on your own, we strongly recommend to have someone showing you how it works. If you have a good start you will quickly have the best fun!

You can book trainers at some rental stations. Please click at „Test&Rent“ on the rental stations in the map and you will find trainer contacts there.

  1. Ground Rules of Skibiking

  2. Learn to control the edges

  3. Put the bail of the T-bar lift behind the saddle

  4. For braking efficiently we use the „Hockey-Stop“ To stop you will start initializing a turn while standing up (if seated before) and shift all you weight on the „valley foot rest“. You need to shift your weight center toward the handle bar. So move your chest actually above the handle bar to reduce pressure on the edge of the rear ski. This makes it possible to bring the Skibike drifting across the riding direction and will make you slowing down. Do never break with both feet on the ground! At least one foot always remains on the foot rest to keep the control over the gear. See the motion in the video „ground Rules“.

  5. Carving means, simply said, to ride on one edge by leaning in. The so-called „cut turn“. You may reach high speeds when carving, so always ride proactive and obey others. You have tob e able to make a hockey stop at any time.

  6. Drifting basically means to ride on one edge but take the pressure off it. The so-called „skid turn“. It is the method to control speed between cut turns or on steep slopes.

  7. Chair lift transport After closing the safety bar let the skibike go down with the front until it sits with the frame on the foot rest of the chair lift. Put your foot next to it to secure it.

Also hold the Skibike at any time! Some ski resort may ask you to use a leash to strap the Skibike to the lift.

    Please note that this method may not work on all chair lift due that there are different ones out there.