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Ski "Flux"

Ski "Flux"

Versand ab 29.11.2021
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Ski "Flux"

!!! Attention, if you order today, delivery is on 17th Dezember !!!

Flux is a super light and flexible Twin-Tip-Ski.

Our latest, wide Woodcore Skis have 8 inserts with a pattern of 50x30mm. So you can choose different mounting positions to adjust the characteristic of your Skibike from a lot of edge grip to easier to drift. They fit on all Sledgehammer Skibike models since 2008.

Flux is super soft and is a true all round ski. In 2016 we created a powder ski but quickly realized that it even better on packed slopes and was highly controllable. So it became our standard ski capable for everything!

  • Wood Core Ski with side wall construction

  • 990mm long and 160mm wide

  • 5.5m radius

  • Steel edge all around

  • 8 inserts 50x30mm, M6