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SkiBob Racer Light

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Skibob Racer Light

The Racer Light is a more simple verison of our previous Racer 2 model. Instead of parallelogram swing arms it has a simple rubber cushion system which keeps the skis horizontal. It makes it less complex and lighter but provides 90% of the performance. We wanted to create a Fun Skibob for everyone with very low entry pricing. This is why this model comes with a rigid fork in its basis version. You can upgrade it with our Upgrade Front Suspension to a full suspensioned Skibob. Really new is the new ski mounting system! No more dail wheels and no tool required. The skis are slid on in a slot and are locked with a simple snatch. The Racer Light is available in two sizes: 540-580mm and 630-680mm seat height which is adjustable within the range by changing the shock absorber position. The larger frame has also a 50mm longer top tube. It comes with wide 91cm Twin Tip Wood Core Carving skis which are very good for pretty everything. If you order your foot skis with your Skibob you will get them for a very reasonable price.

The Skibob shown with rigid fork is a symbolic on photo. The original paint is the same as the full suspension Skibob.

Footskis / Fusski

Excl. Footskis, Incl. Footskis (+ €120.00)

Front Suspension / Upgrade Federgabel

Yes (+ €255), No

Size / Größe

Standard (54cm – 58cm), Large / Groß (63cm – 67cm)