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Transformer Kit 1.1

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Transformer Kit 1.1

Transform your Mountainbike into a Skibike! With this kit you may quickly turn your MTB into a very coooool looking Skibike. We recommend to take a Downhill-Mountainbike due its better geometry for this kind of use. Though some Enduro Bikes might be also good as long as they have a flat steering angle below 67°. The kit fits to all MTBs with 142, 148 or 150mm rear hub widths with 12mm thru-axles and forks with 15mm or 20mm thru axles. It consists of the two adaptors made of alloy, a pair of high-quality Wood Core Skis and our CNC-milled 7075 alloy MX-Style foot rests. Optionally you may buy the kit without skis and there is also a budget version available. This version has an alloy sleeve instead of the MX-foot-rest you can slide in the Bottom Bracket Housing on which you thread in the pedals (included!). But it requires to secure this sleeve with a screw which needs a whole beeing drilled into the BBHousing.

In short, make the best winter tool out of your old bike. We recommend not to use your current number one horse because a skibike usually suffers a lot when being transported on the lift. So, revitalize your old ride and enjoy biking the snow!

Foot Rests / Fußrasten

CNC / MX-Style, Pedals / Budget (less €96.00)


Incl. Ski, Excl. Ski (less €120.00)

Front Axle / Vorderachse

20mm / 110mm, 15mm / 100mm

Rear Axle / Hinterachse

12mm / 142mm, 12mm / 150mm, 12mm / 157mm