Skibike 5.3 Tarn

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We are so sorry but our first batch of Skibikes has now sold out! Don't worry though, we will have many more available very soon! For this second batch we decided to offer a pre-order option. With a deposit of 25%, you will be guaranteed a Skibike from the second batch. You will be contacted via email to pay the balance around three days before we securely receive the delivery.

Für die zweite Lieferung wollen wir nun eine Vororderoption anbieten! Mit 25% Anzahlung reservierst du dir dein Skibike. Drei Tage bevor wir die sichere Lieferung erwarten, wirst du per Email informiert die Restzahlung zu leisten.

The second batch will arrive on 19th December which will allow us to deliver your Skibike just before Christmas. For fairness we need to inform you that the very high parcel traffic just before Christmas and any unpredictable circumstance might lead to a delivery past the Christmas holidays. Rest assured, we can promise that we will not stop working before every customer has a Skibike!



For the first time a Skibike has the option to change its geometry with an adapter at the shock mount. The basic setup is similar to the previous model 5.2 but the alter set up is 50mm lower. This lower position for sure lowers the foot rests, but also flattens the steering angle leading to an easier to handle Skibike for beginners. The higher position makes it more agile and better for advanced level riders.

Besides that we could not improve much. After testing a lot we realized that the 5.2 already was a genius Skibike.

We reinforced the MX-Style 7075 alloy foot rests a little and gave them a new shape for more balance feeling and safety. We changed the Shocks to more simple but significant lighter ones and so managed to cut the weight by 1,5 kg down to 12.25 kg. Also with the focus to still keep the price reasonable and not to change the performance. Riders who want to tune their Skibike may use any High-End-Mountainbike shock on the market.

Despite its Stand Up Riding Performance it remains the excellent carving Skibike it was. The milled, strong alloy foot rests are folding upwards and to the back when touching the ground. Additionally we added a Ski Reinforcement Plate to allow more pressure when carving hard on the edges.

The 5.3 gives you the feeling of standing "in the bike" which makes you feel very safe and in the lower position it provides this feeling even more. Lean in, carve hard, rush down, go off piste.. Whatever you want!

The new colours are not that loud anymore and more grown up.

The new 5.3 is The high-end Allround-Skibike and the best deal you can get!

If this is the first time you come in touch with Skibikes and you are not sure if you will give it a go, visit one of our numerous rental stations which will open from November on. Check it out and convince yourself of the fascination of this new Sport and our products!







Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 20 × 60 cm

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