Skibiking is more close to nature than many other winter sports. Climb a mountain with friends, relax at the lodge and enjoy beautiful powder down hills. This was the motivation of the development.

The idea of “Freeride” comes from the Mountainbike sports which initiated the development of the Sledgehammer Skibikes. The brain behind the Sledgehammer, Gregor Schuster: “My passion has always been Mountainbiking, more specific Freeriding, riding off the beaten trails in beautiful landscapes, sometimes under extreme conditions. I did not want to miss riding down my beloved mountains in the winter time, but what do you do when the snow covers your favorite trails?

This is what drove me to convert my first skibike with a kit. This worked more or less good, but cost a lot and finally after spending a lot of time on it, I ended up with a scratched Mountainbike. But it was a lot of fun! So much that I took my welding gear and made my first skibike frame myself. The better geometry of the frame tripled the fun and the decision was made: Everyone should be able to enjoy and afford this sport. So the task was to manufacture a high quality skibike at a low price. Therefore a large number of skibikes had to be produced. Customers approved and nearly 2200 Sledgehammer Skibikes have been sold without a single unsatisfied customer.”

Probably 90% of all Sledgehammer Skibkes are ridden on groomed runs, and they work very well due to the high quality skis we have on them. . We want to emphasize from our point of view that skibiking on groomed runs has clear limits. According to our experience we think that these limits are the same when using other brands/ products. If it is becoming steep, starting with mid red signed slopes, it will become less fun. Similar to the experience when going down steep and icy slopes on a Snowboard – no good fun! If you usually are skiing with modern carving skiers please keep in mind that this sport is especially good when tracks are hard and icy and not good for skibiking. There are many smaller skiing areas which are less steep and therefore are not so crowded by skiers and boarders because they provide not enough action for them. Exact these areas have the right decline and space to enjoy skibiking in the way it works best. Do not buy a skibike if you think you will be able to rush down modern slopes trimmed for the carving ski technique. Skibiking is an amendment to the range of different winter sports rather than an alternative to skiing. It provides more action, is nearer to nature and more intensive than anything you know yet. Try it!