THE SKIBIKEFreeRider 5.2

Our latest model – the FreeRider 5.2 – got some massive improvements and so provides more possibilities than ever!

We lowered the foot rests by 70mm which lead to a significantly better center of gravity. The new, extra larger, CNC-milled Motocross-Style-Footrests made of 7075 alloy offer better balance and safety. Now our skibike is ready for Stand-Up-Riding!

You want to ride down the steep and rush through narrow woods? Stand up and do skid turns with short turns where the tail is pushed from one side to the other side (drifting). This technique allows you to control your speed much better and also manoeuvre the agile skibike very precisely.

Though it’s Stand-Up-Riding friendly, it remains the excellent carving skibike it always was. The new lower foot rests fold upwards and backwards upon touching the ground. The improved sitting position now gives the feeling of sitting “in the bike” which makes you feel very safe. Lean in, carve hard!

This years model is equipped with two DNM Burner RCP2 shocks of which the rear one has nine different mounting points. You can now adjust the suspension characteristics to your own personal requirements.

The 5.2 is very flexible and allows you to choose your own personal riding style. In short, enjoy winter with handle bars! 🙂